How to remove mirror screws

Mirror ScrewsMirrors are often attached to the wall using "mirror screws".

These are like regular screws, but with a chrome cap over the top, so they look classier.

The cap is attached to the screw with a small threaded screw of its own, which is fastened into the main screw.

To remove the screw, you need to remove the cap.

To remove the cap, press a large piece of Blu-Tack (or any reusable adhesive) onto the it, and then twist anti-clockwise.

Once the cap has unscrewed, you can remove the regular screw with a flat-head screwdriver.


  1. thanks for the tip i was just about to paint around my mirror after trying to pry them off!!

  2. Thank you so much for this fantastic piece of advice!
    It only too a few minutes to safely remove my mirror and as a woman who has always relied on blokes to do this sort of thing I feel well chuffed to have done this myself.

  3. OMG - this worked a treat. I had been trying all sorts before this.


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